OPPO OFans Club Launch
Started By: PKArsalan Started On: Mar 17, 2016

OPPO cordially invites OFans to the launch of OFans Club at live screening of Pakistan vs India Cricket match on 19th March 2016, Watch the epic battle between the two teams, and enjoy this experience with live dhool! Have a lot of fun and don't miss your chance to watch biggest match of the 2016 World Cup. In addition, enjoy a free coffee & meal at: Café Back yard M.M.ALAM Road, 41- A/L Lahore.

• Venue: Café Back yard M.M.ALAM Road, 41- A/L Gulberg 2 Lahore.
• Event Time : 6:00 pm
• Strictly Applicable for OPPO Handsets users only
• Inbox us your Name, Contact #, City, OPPO Handset IMEI # to get registered in the guests list.
• Bring your IMEI # & OPPO Camera Phone to get your details verified at the OPPO counters.
• Contact Mr.Arsalan on: 0316-8221322 for reservation & Confirmation / Limited seats available on first come first serve basis. GET REGISTERED NOW!
  • GKhalid Chandio
    Ollie Egg
    GKhalid Chandio #2, Nov 4, 2016
    waiting for new model f series
  • aamersabah786
    Ollie Egg
    aamersabah786 #3, Nov 6, 2016
    Plz tell me How can I upgrade f1s on marshmallow
  • GIrfan Safdar
    Ollie Egg
    GIrfan Safdar #4, Nov 21, 2016
    Sir i updated the phone i lost color icons of zong and jazz sims on top of secrean now jus showing the signals of both sims how can i get color monograms instead of simple signals plz guide
  • Fahimbhayo
    Ollie Egg
    Fahimbhayo #5, Nov 27, 2016
    In oppo f1 flus message conversation there is no option about knowing other number. If I save 3 contacts of same people how I know in conversion about number? And when I share someone pic on social network recent show all pictures included personal what the f*ck is this? If someone else take phone for sharing pictures he can see personal pictures. There is all pictures coming google drive, Google photo, whatsapp all pictures they give us no choice...  Oppo needs many changes it is too simple
  • G陳桃子
    Ollie Egg
    G陳桃子 #6, Dec 1, 2016
    加賴: ppap001 【視訊選妹】全部低價銷售3k起~青茶較多.高中生.大學生兼職配合【泰式】服務制服絲襪挑逗.情趣玩具.八爪椅情趣椅.水中吹簫.環保深喉.口爆顏射.毒龍轉.嗆辣壞女孩.淫蕩水手服.勾魂OL.F1賽車騷女郎.曲線畢露旗袍華服.欠X俏護士.懷春人妻料理裙.超性感動畫女郎.騷貨女傭.超露體操服.懷春睡衣.真人看視訊可免費外送.摳B.裸聊.吹含吸舔摳樣樣來.經濟蕭條.臺妹下海
  • G陳桃子
    Ollie Egg
    G陳桃子 #7, Dec 1, 2016
    加賴: ppap001 【視訊選妹】全部低價銷售3k起~青茶較多.高中生.大學生兼職配合【泰式】服務制服絲襪挑逗.情趣玩具.八爪椅情趣椅.水中吹簫.環保深喉.口爆顏射.毒龍轉.嗆辣壞女孩.淫蕩水手服.勾魂OL.F1賽車騷女郎.曲線畢露旗袍華服.欠X俏護士.懷春人妻料理裙.超性感動畫女郎.騷貨女傭.超露體操服.懷春睡衣.真人看視訊可免費外送.摳B.裸聊.吹含吸舔摳樣樣來.經濟蕭條.臺妹下海
  • G陳桃子
    Ollie Egg
    G陳桃子 #8, Dec 1, 2016
    加賴: ppap001 【視訊選妹】全部低價銷售3k起~青茶較多.高中生.大學生兼職配合【泰式】服務制服絲襪挑逗.情趣玩具.八爪椅情趣椅.水中吹簫.環保深喉.口爆顏射.毒龍轉.嗆辣壞女孩.淫蕩水手服.勾魂OL.F1賽車騷女郎.曲線畢露旗袍華服.欠X俏護士.懷春人妻料理裙.超性感動畫女郎.騷貨女傭.超露體操服.懷春睡衣.真人看視訊可免費外送.摳B.裸聊.吹含吸舔摳樣樣來.經濟蕭條.臺妹下海
  • G瑤貝娜
    Ollie Egg
    G瑤貝娜 #9, Feb 8, 2017

    加賴:vic097激情燃燒的時候 難以等待!寂寞孤獨的時候 難以忍受!你是最時尚 潮流的品茶高手嗎?
    還是只聞茶香不知茶味的初嘗者呢?-各行各業優質兼職美眉應有盡有 無論你是什麼身份 都歡迎來嘗歡喔!
    ★ 保證_免匯款_免刷卡_免ATM_免買點數_絕不強迫

    ★ 網路人氣排行NO.1『安全-隱密-嘗鮮-防詐騙』

    ★ 誠實相待.頂級服務.實在價格.帝王享受.配合度100%




    ★㊣最貼心的外送茶坊貝貝聯絡方式Line:vic097 /正妹網站:http://www.vivi668.com/forum.php/skype:mother2488 直接折扣1000哦!
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    ★㊣現在敲貝貝帳號馬上獲得優惠價一張跟絲襪一雙或免車資優待噢,趕快行動喲 各種優惠等著你 心動就快行動喲

    ★㊣★㊣狂野型 淫蕩型 服務型 外貿型 氣質型 美腿型★㊣★㊣
    ★㊣★㊣甜美型 大奶型 高檔型 優雅型 可愛型 清純型★㊣★㊣




    ★㊣【加節特殊服務如下】:殘廢澡/刺舌/69勢/吸奶/毒龍/奶炮 /清水溝等...
    →貝貝頂級外送茶坊帳號線上密約 非誠勿擾﹋

  • U161022399
    Ollie Egg
    U161022399 #10, 6 days ago
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    Taipei tea sister ~ certification manufacturers top quality service guarantee !! ~

    Welcome to visit the tea sister website http://tw.night141.com

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