Introducing Super VOOC
Started By: PKArsalan Started On: Mar 3, 2016

Today we are very excited to present to you OPPO's latest technology - Super VOOC Flash Charge.

As we have said on many occasions, OPPO has spent three years of R&D on the original VOOC Flash Charge before we were satisfied with the results, and then in March 2014, we officially launched it commercially. It is the world's first, and currently the world's fastest and safest fast charging technology for smartphones. With VOOC, just five minutes of charging will allow you to talk for two hours, making it four times faster than normal chargers.

VOOC's innovative solution to the issue of battery endurance won praise from both consumers and media. In less than two years since VOOC's introduction, OPPO smartphones featuring VOOC Flash Charge saw sales exceed 17 million units in the Chinese market and earned a reputation among users as a truly outstanding product. VOOC went on to win 8 awards for technological innovation from media from around the globe.

Since VOOC's introduction, fast charging technology has rocketed in popularity. Qualcomm and MTK followed OPPO with their own fast-charging technologies: Quick Charge and Pump Express, respectively. These technologies have extended the reach of fast-charging technology, but their underlying principles are actually quite different from VOOC's. They both apply high-voltage fast-charging, whereas VOOC Flash Charge relies on a low-voltage solution.

There are three main differences between these two approaches to fast-charging:
First of all, by using a low voltage of 5 volts, VOOC stays within standard voltage levels for smartphone charging, ensuring the utmost safety, stability and device sustainability..

Secondly, a VOOC-enabled phone maintains a lower temperature during charging than phones using high-voltage charging systems.
High-voltage systems rely on a voltage converter to decrease voltage before power is supplied to the battery. This process, however, is relatively inefficient, and it gives off lost energy in the form of heat, which is the enemy of electronic devices. VOOC Flash Charge however, offers an alternative. By keeping voltage at 5 volts, VOOC eliminates the need for a converter, effectively cutting out the middle man, and making for a more efficient and much lower temperature charging process.

Finally, VOOC's low-voltage charging system is perfect for using your phone while you charge. For instance, you can Flash Charge your smartphone while making phone calls, watching HD videos, or playing games. However, if you try to use your smartphone while using another fast-charging technology, the charger will revert to a standard charging speed, due to the temperature spikes caused by quick charging and screen brightening simultaneously.

Thanks to its many technical advantages, VOOC has remained the industry leader throughout the two years it has been available to the public. However, OPPO is not an enterprise contented with the status quo. We evolve, we move forward. That is why just after we launched VOOC Flash Charge in March 2014, we launched VOOC Mini, a smaller, more portable Flash Charger, just seven months later in October 2014.

And today, we will unveil the next step forward in the charging revolution: Super VOOC Flash Charge.
In just 15 minutes, VOOC Flash Charge can bring a 2500mAh battery equipped OPPO smartphone to a full charge.

In recent years, numerous companies have announced charging technologies with dramatic speeds, but many of these remain far fromcommercial viability. The R&D process for Super VOOC has already reached the final stages of reliability testing.

Super VOOC Flash Charge can give a full charge in just fifteen minutes. So how does it do this?
There have been two major improvements on the original VOOC technology. Firstly, Super VOOC Flash Charge uses an all-new low-voltage pulse-charge system. Secondly, it uses a customized battery. Combining them, a battery of 2500mAh can be fully charged with Super VOOC Flash Charge in just 15 minutes.

Will Super VOOC Flash Charge damage the battery?
Certainly not, it's completely safe!

So what conditions would cause damage to battery?
There are a lot of misunderstandings about this question, but actually, there are two main conditions that damage the battery: one is charging with an excessively high voltage and the other is overheating of the battery. Currently, the standard charging voltage for smartphones is 5 volts, which respects the voltage limitations of smartphone batteries. The reason we devoted so much effort and resources to researching a low-voltage flash-charging solution was precisely to avoid the risks to a phone's battery that are brought about by charging with excessively high voltages.

How does Super VOOC Flash Charge ensure safe, sustainable charging?
With its low-voltage pulse-charge system, VOOC Flash Charge avoids the most critical obstacles to safe and efficient charging, which are rooted in charging at an excessively high voltage. Secondly, the low-voltage pulse-charge system uses a new algorithm to dynamically regulate the current. In this way, VOOC can ensure the fastest possible charging time while also maintaining the current within the safe range for the battery. Thirdly, the Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter, cable and connector have all received a full redesign using premium and extremely reliable military-grade materials.

Finally, Super VOOC Flash Charge supports Micro-USB and USB Type-C, in line with the global standard.
This is OPPO's Super VOOC Flash Charge, giving you a full charge in just 15 minutes.

In the near future, we will put this technology into commercial use.

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    Ollie Egg
    acemary #2, Apr 29, 2016
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    Ollie Egg
    QANBAR #6, Mar 12, 2017
    How we can get a super VOOC charger?
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