• Style to Fame

    EXPLORE YOUR STYLE TO WIN AN OPPO Neo 7 At OPPO, we believe that the way you shoot defines who you are. That's why we are giving you the chance to win an OPPO Neo 7 by exploring the elements that make up your photographic style. Find Your Style Now : http://events.oppo.com/pk/styletofame/ What is Style to Fame Style to Fame is an online competition where O-Fans can complete a short quiz to get the chance to win a OPPO Neo 7. How to Win Complete the short quiz to Find Your Style and be entered into the prizes draw for the chance to win an OPPO Neo 7. It's that simple! Launch Date The game launches on the 18th of December 2015 at 5:00 pm PST and will last until the 24th of December at 5:00pm PST. For full terms and conditions see http://events.oppo.com/pk/styletofame/
  • International Cricket Council and OPPO Announce a 4-Year Global Partnership

    Dubai/Shenzhen, Dec. 10, 2015 – On December10, the day before the opening press conference for the World Twenty20 2016,the International Cricket Council announced that OPPO, the evolving globalsmartphone brand, will become its official partner worldwide for the mobilephone category. The partnership will run for 4 years, from the start of 2016 tothe end of 2019. InternationalCricket Council and OPPO Announce a 4-Year Global Partnership Notably known as “a gentleman’s game”, cricket hasalways been a strong symbol of sportsmanship and fairplay, with its playersupholding high standards of respect for both opponents and officials. The ICC,the global governing body of cricket with 10 full members, 37 associate membersand 60 affiliate members, is determined to safeguard cricket’s unique spiritand to promote the sport in its 100-plus member countries and regions, whichnaturally leads to the very selective choice of its partners. Commenting on the new partnership, ICC Chief Executive David Richardsonsaid: “The ICC is delighted to welcome OPPO on board as a Global Partner and weare excited about the opportunity to team up for the next four years. OPPO isone of the market leaders in its field with an impressive worldwide presence,especially in territories where the game of cricket continues to grow and, in alot of cases, flourish. “OPPO has strong brand values on innovation andintegrity, which are closely aligned with the ICC’s, and we believe that bypartnering with OPPO, we can extend cricket’s reach even further. We lookforward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future.” OPPO CEO Mr. Tony Chen said, “By hosting the world’s pre-eminent cricketcompetitions, the ICC dedicates itself to giving fans around the world anextraordinary and unforgettable cricketing experience. This commitment toexcellence accords perfectly with OPPO’s pursuit of perfection in its ownexceptional products.” He mentioned thatthroughout the last century, the ICC elevated the sport of cricket to newheights, just as OPPO has brought on new standards of excellence in mobiletechnology throughout its own history. OPPO’s drive to innovate has beenparticularly striking in the smartphone industry, where it has continued tobreak records. From the Finder, which set the record for the world’s thinnestsmartphone in 2012, to the N3, with the first automated rotating camera in2014, OPPO hasn’t let up in producing industry firsts. OPPO has also pioneeredthe patented VOOC Flash Charge quick-charging technology, introducing the worldto the first-ever high-speed, low-voltage charging mechanism. Allowing users totalk for two hours on just a five-minute charge, VOOC Flash Charge is the industry’sfastest and safest charging technology. To date, OPPO sells itsphones offline in over 20 markets around the world, and offers online sales toanother fifty-plus countries. In many of the countries OPPO currently operatesin, including Australia, India, the UAE and many others in South Asia andAfrica, cricket enjoys huge popularity. Mr. Sky Li, Vice President of OPPO and ManagingDirector of International Mobile Business,said, “OPPO is very enthusiastic about supporting international cricket, andcooperating with the ICC in bringing cricket fans more of the world-classcompetitions that the organization is known for. The partnership will allow usto continue to strengthen our links with consumers, as we join them incelebrating the great sport of cricket.” The ICC runs a number ofhigh-profile cricket competitions, including the ICC Cricket World Cup, the ICCWorld Twenty20, the ICC Champions Trophy, the ICC Women’s World Cup, the ICCU19 Cricket World Cup and others. Cricket competition underICC Through the ICCpartnership, OPPO will leverage many high profile cricket tournaments hosted bythe ICC to present itself through branding and fan engaging opportunities atthe matches. This is OPPO’s second big play in the world of sports this year.In May 2015, it announced a 3-year partnership with FC Barcelona.
  • OPPO Neo 7 Facebook Giveaway Campaign

    Hey Ofans OPPO Pakistan Brings you OPPO Neo 7 Giveaway Campaign .. Join & Like OPPO Pakistan Facebook Page and follow the instructions given below to participate in the contest. https://www.facebook.com/PakistanOPPO/ 2 Neo 7 Giveaway Campaign starts from today & the duration is for 2 Weeks ... Read the Terms & conditions in comment to enter the contest.(Models on the pictures are not the winners, just give you a reference how to take the selfie with Neo 7) http://www.oppo.com/pk/smartphone-neo-7/ Rs 19,999 only. Follow these easy steps to get enter into the OPPO Neo 7 Competition Terms: 1. like OPPO Pakistan Facebook Page. 2. Share the post. 3. Go to the Mobile phone market and capture a selfie with OPPO Neo 7 (as shown in the post). 4. Post same picture on your Facebook profile and tag at least 7 friends. 5. Inbox us the picture to enter the contest. Conditions: • Pictures Posted should be authentic otherwise Participant will be exempted from the campaign. • OPPO reserves all the rights to exclude anyone from the competition. • OPPO employees and dealers are exempted from the campaign. • Campaign duration is for 2 weeks, Winners will be announced at the end of each week. • Winners will be chosen Randomly with the Best Selfie picture with OPPO Neo 7
  • Find 7 Project Spectrum V1.0 Beta - Lollipop 5.1.1

    Hey O-Fans, We are glad to announce that first version of Find 7 Project Spectrum is here, with full fearues of the stock android and some of the most popular features from ColorOS this ROM is both simple and ready. Here are some things you need to know about this ROM: Integrated ColorOS Features: 1. Screen-off Gestures: Currently there are two supported screen-off gesture, double tap to wake up the phone and draw a circle to open the camera app. They are turned off by default, to use it please enable it in Settings -> Accessibility -> Screen-off gestures 2. ColorOS Camera Currently the ColorOS camera is supporting the following plugins: Beautify, Filters, HDR, GIF, Double exposure and Expert Mode, for others we will continue working and try add them in the near future Note: As we are using the stock Google photos app you cannot delete a photo you've just taken, to delete photos please open the Google photos app 3. MaxxAudio The MaxxAudio is supported and turned on by default, to enable/disable it please go to Settings -> Sound & notification -> MaxxAudio Some Difference With ColorOS: 1. Task Manager To enable task manager please double tap the home button 2. Take a Screenshot To take a screenshot please hold Power + Volume Down for 2 seconds 3. Unify the Storage If your phone storage is already unified, you can flash this package directly, if not and you want to unify your storage please go to Settings -> Storage -> Switch partition 4. Share photos using NFC Different from ColorOS when you want to share a photo using NFC please open Google photos tap the photo you want to share and tap the share icon then select "Andriod Beam", after that touch your phone with the other device Some FAQ / Suggestions: 1. What is your impression about this version? Light, Fast, Stable is my main impression on this ROM, without any blotware making this ROM running smooth like silk, 3rd party apps run as they should be no need to worry about being restrained by the system and notifications are having no problem at all. 2. About backup and restore This package will wipe your data so a backup using the Backup and Restore app is recommended in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Backup and restore cannot work between ColorOS and Project Spectrum if you need please make a backup using other universal bakup app such as Titanium Backup, it would be great if some of you guys could provide a tutorial on this. 3. Does this version support VOOC? Sure yes, although there is no charging animation like in ColorOS, you still get the same speed without any problem 4. Will you add more ColorOS feature to it? We prefer to keep this version simple and clean, most of the apps needed can be download from play store. If you do miss some other ColorOS features please let us know, as long as you got massive supporters we will consider it 5. Can I use 3rd party recovery to install this version? No, please use the stock ColorOS recovery to update, and please make sure you wipe data and cache before updating. Download: Filename: X9006&X9076_Spectrum_V1.0_Beta_full.zip File size: 638MB MD5: BA75E86FEC3B0184F8456E88DAA988D7 Download: [CLICK HERE] Note: This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (use the Backup & restore app) before updating in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected. How to Update: Please find the instructions [CLICK HERE. The Next Step: Satisfaction Survey: To help us improve further please fill out the satisfaction survey [CLICK HERE. Bug Reports: To report bugs please [CLICK HERE]. Please following the instructions and provide as many useful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible.
  • OPPO Neo 7 Unboxing

  • ColorOS Download packages for R series

    DearO-Fans! Software is at the heart of our phones and at the heart of our community. To give our O-Fans the freedom to change between ColorOS versions or try something new, we have uploaded official recovery files and full wipe packages for our latest ColorOS versions for the R5, R5s, R7, R7 Plus and R7 Lite over the last few days. This way you can find what works best for you knowing that you'll be able to return to the stable ColorOS path whenever you feel like it. All downloads can be found in the Download ColorOS section. Enjoy!
  • OPPO R7 Plus ColorOS v2.1.0i Stable (150916)

    Hey O-Fans, This is the latest version of ColorOS available for the R7 Plus. Download Filename: R7plusfEX_11_OTA_009_all_wipe_201509161600.zip File size: 1.30GB MD5 Checksum: 2AECBE64E15DBD8A7DE0164F89807ACA Download: [Click Here] Note: Installing this version will wipe user data, please backup your data before flashing. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos could be affected. How to Install Kindly find the instructions [Click Here].
  • Find 7 ColorOS V2.1.5i Stable Version

    Hey O-Fans, Sorry for the delay, today we are releasing the Find 7/7a ColorOS V2.1.5i Stable version, this will be the last ColorOS update for Find 7 and we will be focusing on AOSP development in the future. Recommended Update Added Smart Lock support in Settings-> Safety & privacy Added the ability to disable Google apps when editing the homescreen Fixed the SD card problem Change Log [System] Added the ability to disable Google apps when editing the homescreen Fixed the issue that some SD card cannot be detected after updated to Lollipop ---- 8monochrome, Madware, prohibited13 etc. Removed the redundant dialpad tone resources from the ROM ---- Francko76 Fixed the issue that com.android and omacp has stopped error always occur after reboot ---- Zafar Abbas Rizvi Fixed the issue that "Unfortunately, com.android.systemservice has stopped" ---- Ericjj, Zafar Abbas Rizvi Fixed the issue that apps like WhatsApp cannot receive notifications after being running for a while in background ---- chewy Fixed the issue that during playing music using 3rd party app Kiss 92, if there is an incoming call the music doesnot stop playing ---- 8monochrome Updated the newest patch for the stagefright leak ---- Padre Removed Frozen Keyboard Removed the App Center app Updated the system strings [Camera] Fixed the issue that the colorof RAW photos are shown distorted red Color when check with Photoshop etc. ---- opportuno, Mizarurune Removed the After focus plugin from all apps, as it's not supported on Find 7 [Launcher] Fixed the issue that weather widget shows wrong weather condition in homescreen ---- Mizarurune [Email] Fixed the issue that email client mayget "port number out of range" error when adding some exchange accounts ---- Furio65 [Security Center] Fixed the issue that Memory Cleanup& Quiet Time icons in Security Center are having different color from other icons (only having problems on X9006) ---- ericjj Updated the Whitelist of Memory cleaner, Auto-run management and data saving added most of the popular IM apps to the whitelist to avoid notification delay or cannot be received problem [Settings] Added Smart Lock support in Settings-> Safety & privacy ---- TheDeckie, silasje1 Known Issue N/A Download: Full wipe Package: Filename: X9006&X9076ColorOS_V2.1.5i_full.zip File size: 1.01GB MD5: 85EF1B3C04C6A5E3EFC07C3C0455D17A Download: [CLICK HERE] Note: This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (you can use the Backup & restore app) before updating. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected. OTA OTA for this version is released. How to Update If you are using stock ColorOS recovery you can use: 1. System Update (Recommended Because it's the Easiest): 1. Download and copy the package to the root directory (meaning don't put it into any folders) of your phone storage 2. Make a backup with the stock Backup & Restore app 3. Open System Update -> Local Update -> Tap the update package -> Wipe data and update 4. Wait until the update is finished then tap Reboot 5. Power on and use the Backup & Restore app to restore your data. Note: If you are using stable ColorOS V1.2.x versions and cannot flash this Beta directly using the method above, please flash this package [CLICK HERE], and then flash this version. If you cannot use system update you can use the following methold: 2. Recovery Update (Works for All Supported Recovery): Please find the instructions [CLICK HERE]. The Next Step Satisfaction Survey: To help us improve further please fill out the satisfaction survey [CLICK HERE]. Bug Reports: To report bugs please [CLICK HERE]. Please following the instructions and provide as many useful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible. Suggestions:If you have some good ideas to help improve ColorOS please [CLICK HERE].

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