OPPO-Care: Covering accident on your OPPO Smartphone
Started By: lexansky Started On: Oct 21, 2015
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Are you a slave to your smartphone or smartphone is your slave? I ask this question because I saw people who take care of their phone like a new-born child or their's. Covering them in thick case, cleaning them constantly, jump in front of a car to save it (please don't do that) scolding your gf/bf if they drop your smartphone which lead to argument and eventually heart-broken.

What if there is something that only cause less than RM100 that can make you feel more secure with your smartphone just like a insurance? That is what OPPO-Care can provide you, the insurance for your OPPO smartphone.

The new service by OPPO Malaysia help to cover your OPPO smartphone on any accident that may cross your mind. Water damage, falling to ground, crush by car, smash by angry mom, thrown by total stranger, or even hit by lightning. OPPO-Care cover accidents that spoiled any part of your smartphone.

However, OPPO smartphone do not cover your smartphone being stolen or any damage to your phone's accessories including the battery. Keep a pepper-spray handy because you will need it if somebody is eyeballing your OPPO.

Interested? Here are some details you need to know.
  1. Cost: RM98 for smartphone over RM1200, RM68 for smartphone below RM1200
  2. Available for purchase within 15 days after you purchase any OPPO smartphone
  3. Bring along your smartphone, warranty card, and receipt for processing
  4. Available in 66 OPPO Concept Store in Malaysia

If you are planning to buy a R7 series smartphone anytime soon, you will be in joy because OPPO is currently giving discount voucher of RM30 for OPPO-Care exclusive to OPPO R7 series. That means you can buy the service for only RM68. Promotion period from October 19 to October 31.

It's time to move.

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