Vysor - Control your smartphone with this small app
Started By: lexansky Started On: Aug 26, 2015
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There are no lack of ways to control your smartphone, mostly Android from your computer. However, most of it involve various exhausting computer wizardry which not all people are willing to spend their time. This is when "Vysor" come in.

"Vysor" is the creation of the people behind "helium" and "ROM Manager". Like previous apps by them,  it is quite the easiest app to use. You don't even have to download a large file or a load full of script file or windows app to make this app work, all you need is to download a Chrome app.  You hear me right, just a simple Chrome app.

After downloaded the app, open it and connect your smartphone via a usb cable. If you cannot see the phone screen on your computer, make sure you have enable USB debugging mode in your smartphone. In case you are a noo*..ahem, you can enable USB debugging mode by going to setting > about phone > tap on build number several times until developer mode is enable > back to setting and select more > developer mode > enable USB debugging mode.

Simple right? But there there is one hiccup, this app is still in beta phase. So dont expect it will be very smooth, a slight delay is expected. Still my experience with this app do promise me some bright future for this app.

Try it now and let me know what you think about this app.

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  • tonychen1979
    Ollie SuperAngel (Moderator)
    tonychen1979 #2, Aug 28, 2015
    Nice try, but not really good for me because slow, delay and lagging. How about others?
  • enghoeng
    Ollie Egg
    enghoeng #3, Jan 29, 2016
    After upgrade waze not work properly, when open others apps or incoming call, my route path will
  • enghoeng
    Ollie Egg
    enghoeng #4, Jan 29, 2016
    Waze route path will missing after open others apps or incoming call, PhDs fix
  • minigreen
    Ollie Egg
    minigreen #5, Sep 2, 2016
    Awesome app....LEO Privacy helps me keep everything private no need to worry about my personal photos & videos...as well as no need to install different apps for different issues.e.g, to clean junk & to lock apps . it provides all in one feature & simply amazing app works 100% for me.
  • Munawar84
    Ollie Egg
    Munawar84 #6, Nov 13, 2016
    Is it for all OS e.g Windows, Mac, Linux???
  • Gpop singers
    Ollie Egg
    Gpop singers #7, Jan 4, 2017
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