ColorOS 2.1.4 beta for Find 7/7a
Started By: lexansky Started On: Aug 25, 2015
Hey O-Fans,

Today we are releasing the Find 7/7a ColorOS V2.0.4i Beta, in this Beta we've fixed some random problems on ColorOS V2.1.3i please enjoy it.

Recommended Updates
A new touchpal input method specially made for OPPO
Screen-off gestures bug fixed

Change Log
Added a new input method Touchpal for OPPO which has better user experience for most of the languages
Fixed the issue that screen-off gestures may stop working except for double tapto wake up ---- aboy, minhchung_79, galobooshka etc.
Fixedthe issue that error popup when trying to add an account saying "GoogleAccount Manager has stopped" ---- Axella1997
Fixed the issue that sometimes task manager can only be activated in homescreen interface ---- benoita, Z3RO
Updated the system strings, fixed some translation glitches ---- Padre

Improved the music player to fix some music ID3 info with special characters cannot be displayed correctly ---- luncho

[Security Center]
Fixed the issue that there is a low chance you may not be able to enter password in app encryption interface ----haney67

[Easy Cover]
Fixed the issue that time display in easy cover interface did not change according to the system settings ----luckywang

Fixed the issue that toggle on/off eye protection mode in notification center will not remember the eye protection level ---- benoita
Fixedthe issue that under Settings -> Backup & rese unable to select Googleaccount ---- 8monochrome
Fixed some UI glitches under Settings ->Quiet time

Known Issue

Full wipe Package:
Filename: X9006&X9076ColorOS_V2.1.4i_Beta_full.zip
File size: 1.02GB
MD5: 1B4113585F67E0E03FABD7B18ECD9397
Download: [CLICK HERE]
This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (you can use the Backup & restore app) before updating. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.

How to Update
If you are using stock ColorOS recovery you can use:
1. System Update (Recommended Because it's the Easiest):
1. Download and copy the package to the root directory (meaning don't put it into any folders) of your phone storage
2. Make a backup with the stock Backup & Restore app
3. Open System Update -> Local Update -> Tap the update package -> Wipe data and update
4. Wait until the update is finished then tap Reboot
5. Power on and use the Backup & Restore app to restore your data.
Note: If you are using stable ColorOS V1.2.x versions and cannot flash this Beta directly using the method above, please flash this package [CLICK HERE], and then flash this version.

If you cannot use system update you can use the following methold:
2. Recovery Update (Works for All Supported Recovery):
Please find the instructions [CLICK HERE].

The Next Step
Satisfaction Survey:
To help us improve further please fill out the satisfaction survey [CLICK HERE].
Bug Reports:
To report bugs please [CLICK HERE].
Please following the instructions and provide as many useful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible.
Suggestions:If you have some good ideas to help improve ColorOS please [CLICK HERE].
  • tonychen1979
    Ollie SuperAngel (Moderator)
    tonychen1979 #2, Aug 26, 2015
    Edited by tonychen1979 at 26-8-2015 00:43

    I am done! with my Find 7! So far work good!

  • lexansky
    Ollie ArchAngel (Community Manager)
    lexansky #3, Aug 26, 2015
    nice!! report any bug here please
  • LyantoLee
    Ollie Egg
    LyantoLee #4, Aug 26, 2015
    mr Ollie, i have some problem about my notification, when i close my application such as whatsapp or Line. the notification is gone too. so i have to start them up and keep them stay alive behind my task manager. how can i solved that problems?

    thank you
  • BP1234567890
    Ollie Egg
    BP1234567890 #5, Aug 26, 2015
    notification issue. while using waze, if u press home button to do other operations, or when there is an incoming social network text and u pull down to read, the gps and waze icon in notification will automatically gone in 3 seconds, and have to open the waze again to its interface.
  • AmZee
    Ollie Egg
    AmZee #6, Aug 28, 2015
    Hi Team, this update is working totally fine on my phone, No Lagging, no Slow down, No heat up issue, No FC and best of all No Random Restarts. after a long long time my device is working smoothly. just a minor issue with Lock Screen Magazine, some times when i double tap my phone, my phone shows the White Bright LCD, nothing else, no wallpaper comes up. when i enter the pass code it goes normal. if you can please fix this.

    Big Thanks and really appreciate your good work
  • Plol
    Ollie Egg
    Plol #7, Aug 30, 2015
    After this update everything is working smoothly,except for it's heating up likr crazy again even when im just scrolling thru facebook with no background apps running
  • Carmenloke3892
    Ollie Egg
    Carmenloke3892 #8, Sep 1, 2015
    Hi after im install this version my phone will show me stroage space runing out
    how can i slove it?
  • lexansky
    Ollie ArchAngel (Community Manager)
    lexansky #9, Sep 1, 2015
    LyantoLee replied at 26-8-2015 16:54
    mr Ollie, i have some problem about my notification, when i close my application such as whatsapp or ...

    i think you on the battery saving mode that stop notification. You can add the apps you want into the white list. just go to security center and battery saving. add whitelist
  • lexansky
    Ollie ArchAngel (Community Manager)
    lexansky #10, Sep 1, 2015
    BP1234567890 replied at 26-8-2015 21:05
    notification issue. while using waze, if u press home button to do other operations, or when there i ...

    this may because of the same issue, battery saving mode that restrict notification.
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