OPPO R7 Unboxing
Started By: lexansky Started On: Aug 12, 2015
By now as a Ofans you already know that OPPO R7 have realdy started selling in Malaysia. With only 2000 limited stock in Malaysia, everyone is starting to flock to the nearest OPPO concept store hopefully to get one for themselves. i am lucky to have a unit for testing for a week for the purpose of writing article like this for you Ofans. So let's start with a unboxing of the gorgeous OPPO R7.

IMG20150806143406 [1024x768].jpg

Unlike Find 7 which come with a plastic box, OPPO R7 is contain in a cardboard box that is almost the same size as the smartphone.

IMG20150806143432 [1024x768].jpg

Slide out the cover we are greeted with the actual box and the OPPO logo.

IMG20150806143527 [1024x768].jpg

OPPO R7 is firmly hold in the box when you first open the top part of the box.

IMG20150806143739 [1024x768].jpg

Let's take out the phone and wow suprise!! there is a free plastic back cover fo the R7.

IMG20150806144016 [1024x768].jpg

An overview of all the items including R7 in the box.

IMG20150806144221 [1024x768].jpg

OPPO R7 come with a VOOC charger and a earphone.

IMG20150806144330 [1024x768].jpg

Take off the plastic sheet protecting the phone, the full metal built of the OPPO R7 shine at you for no reason other than it's crafted too beautifully.

IMG20150806144722 [1024x768].jpg

OPPO R7 beside a small plant, it has a 5 inch screen that is the perfect size for any hand.

IMG20150806144936 [1024x768].jpg

The prove it fits any hands including my tiny palm.

IMG20150806145043 [1024x768].jpg

Tiny palm that only fit for OPPO R7.

So have you tempted to get yourself a OPPO R7 now? No?? Then wait for my full review of the phone that will make you drool all over this phone.

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