R5 and R5s Project Spectrum V1.1i Beta
Started By: Ricky Started On: Mar 20, 2016
Dear O-Fans,

The new version of Project Spectrum for R5 and R5s is ready, this version fixed some stablity related issues, hope you would enjoy it.

Change Log
Fixed the issue that cannot send MMS messages

Fixed the issue that when trying to take apicture zoom in and deactivate the flash camera stop working
Fixed the issue that when using flashlight totake photos, browsing photos and press back the camera will stop working
Fixed the issue that playing videos taken by the camera are very laggy

Optimized the battery consumption, reduced powerconsumption by the screen
Removed Android beam from the system as R5 doesnot have NFC
Fixed the issue that OTG is not working
Fixed the issue that when OTG is removed thenotification cannot be removed
Fixed the issue that sometimes screen-offgestures are not responding
Fixed the issue that cannot exit screen pinning,now you can exit screen pinning by hold Menu and Back key at the same time
Fixed the issue that sometimes the screen goesoff and on for a split second automatically
Fixed the issue that after updated play store, install apps will cause playstore crash

Fixed the issue that battery info is not shown correctly

Known Issue:
1. After update completed the first time boot up takes around 5 - 15 minutes please be patient

1. Recovery:
Filename: R8106_11_OTA_Spectrum_Recovery_new_201601070136.zip
File size: 10.5MB
MD5: 9F18772F3C7324C3D592459DFCD77F47
Download: [CLICK HERE]
2. Full Wipe Package: (For ColorOS and Rooted Project Spectrum)
Filename: R8106_Spectrum_V1.1_Beta_full_wipe.zip
File size: 628MB                                    
MD5: 0403DB6F8890C7C1BEF8B0CEC31B4204
Download: [
Note: This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (use the Backup & restore app) before updating in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.
3. No Wipe Package: (For Non-Rooted Project Spectrum)
Filename: R8106_Spectrum_V1.1_Beta_full.zip
File size: 628MB                                    
MD5: 5DFE5677EB6830AD265276EC06B878E1
Download: [
Note: This package will not wipe your data, but please do not use this package if you are using ColorOS or rooted Project Spectrum.

How to Update:
1. Download and copy both the Recovey and Frimware package to the root directory of your phone
2. Enter recovery mode
3. Flash the Recovery package when finished press "Reboot" (if you are already on Project Spectrum no need to flash the recovery package again)
3. After boot into the system, switch off your phone and enter reocovery mode again
4. Flash the Full wipe package
If you don't know how to update using recovery, please find the instructions [CLICK HERE]

The Next Step:
Satisfaction Survey:
To help us improve further please fill out the satisfaction survey [
Bug Reports:
To report bugs please [CLICK HERE
Please following the instructions and provide as many useful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible.

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