Find 7 ColorOS V2.1.5i Stable Version
Started By: Ricky Started On: Oct 30, 2015

Hey O-Fans,

Sorry for the delay, today we are releasing the Find 7/7a ColorOS V2.1.5i Stable version, this will be the last ColorOS update for Find 7 and we will be focusing on AOSP development in the future.

Recommended Update
Added Smart Lock support in Settings-> Safety & privacy
Added the ability to disable Google apps when editing the homescreen
Fixed the SD card problem

Change Log
Added the ability to disable Google apps when editing the homescreen
Fixed the issue that some SD card cannot be detected after updated to Lollipop ---- 8monochrome, Madware, prohibited13 etc.
Removed the redundant dialpad tone resources from the ROM ---- Francko76
Fixed the issue that and omacp has stopped error always occur after reboot ---- Zafar Abbas Rizvi
Fixed the issue that "Unfortunately, has stopped" ---- Ericjj, Zafar Abbas Rizvi
Fixed the issue that apps like WhatsApp cannot receive notifications after being running for a while in background ---- chewy
Fixed the issue that during playing music using 3rd party app Kiss 92, if there is an incoming call the music doesnot stop playing ---- 8monochrome
Updated the newest patch for the stagefright leak ---- Padre
Removed Frozen Keyboard
Removed the App Center app
Updated the system strings

Fixed the issue that the colorof RAW photos are shown distorted red Color when check with Photoshop etc. ---- opportuno, Mizarurune
Removed the After focus plugin from all apps, as it's not supported on Find 7

Fixed the issue that weather widget shows wrong weather condition in homescreen ---- Mizarurune

Fixed the issue that email client mayget "port number out of range" error when adding some exchange accounts ---- Furio65

[Security Center]
Fixed the issue that Memory Cleanup& Quiet Time icons in Security Center are having different color from other icons (only having problems on X9006) ---- ericjj
Updated the Whitelist of Memory cleaner, Auto-run management and data saving added most of the popular IM apps to the whitelist to avoid notification delay or cannot be received problem

Added Smart Lock support in Settings-> Safety & privacy ---- TheDeckie, silasje1

Known Issue

Full wipe Package:
Filename: X9006&
File size: 1.01GB
MD5: 85EF1B3C04C6A5E3EFC07C3C0455D17A
Download: [
This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (you can use the Backup & restore app) before updating. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.

OTA for this version is released.

How to Update
If you are using stock ColorOS recovery you can use:
1. System Update (Recommended Because it's the Easiest):
1. Download and copy the package to the root directory (meaning don't put it into any folders) of your phone storage
2. Make a backup with the stock Backup & Restore app
3. Open System Update -> Local Update -> Tap the update package -> Wipe data and update
4. Wait until the update is finished then tap Reboot
5. Power on and use the Backup & Restore app to restore your data.
Note: If you are using stable ColorOS V1.2.x versions and cannot flash this Beta directly using the method above, please flash this package [CLICK HERE], and then flash this version.

If you cannot use system update you can use the following methold:
2. Recovery Update (Works for All Supported Recovery):
Please find the instructions [CLICK HERE].

The Next Step
Satisfaction Survey:
To help us improve further please fill out the satisfaction survey [
Bug Reports:
To report bugs please [CLICK HERE].
Please following the instructions and provide as many useful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible.
If you have some good ideas to help improve ColorOS please [CLICK HERE].

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