N3 ColorOS V2.1 Stable Version -- KitKat Based
Started By: Ricky Started On: Sep 22, 2015
Hey O-Fans,
N3 finally get ColorOS V2.1 update, updating from ColorOS V2.0.1 you will see following changes:

Specail Attention:
This update will wipe your data and applications, please use the stock "Backup and Restore" app to backup your data before updating
Please download the installation package and copy it to the root directory, open the "Tools" folder on your homescreen, tap "System Update" -> "Local Update" select the update packageand following the instructions to update
Boot time may be longer for the first time after the upgrade is completed (around 5-10 minutes), please be patient
After you successfully enter the system, tap "Backup and Restore" on the desktop to restore your data

Recommended Updates:
Brand new UI design, simpler and more beautiful
Deeply optimized the system performance, running much smoother
Removed some rarely-used and battery consuming festures to provide an efficient, light and smooth user experience

Change Log
Optimized the application startup speed, ColorOS 2.1 improved the overall system response speed by 15%
Optimized 252 key  usage scenarios, among which an obvious optimization can be seen on the startup speed of album time-line interface, from the tapping on the thumbnail to browsing an image; homescreen swiping and icon moving; startup speed of the incoming call interface.
Optimized the system RAM management, RAM usage when the system is idle decreased by 20%
Note: the above data is obtained through experimental tests, actual usage situations may vary depending on how many applications you've installed.

Removed the shortcut of Messages and Phone from the lock screen, to get a simpler and clean lock screen
Removed the "Revovling glass unlock" and "Weather unlock", only leaves the default lock screen style. If you need more unlock styles, please download in the Themes app.

Removed "Live Weather" function to reduce RAM usage and power consumption
Added the ability to sort homescreen icons alphabetically, please go to Settings -> Default application -> Home, click on the A-Z icon behand ColorOS launcher (Note: icons in the default homescreen and pages with Widget on it will not be sorted)

Added the function to import phonebook via Bluetooth, this function support phones using iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry system.
Removed the rarely-used default avatar for contacts

Removed the rarely-used "Emoticon radar" function

ColorOS 2.1 brings brand new email design, improved the user experience

Removed the rarely-used Shake to switch songs fuction for it's outdated and easily mis-operateing
Removed the gesture of adjusting volume by long pressing and sliding up and down music player interface

Removed Ringtone settings from the Stopwatch interface

[Security Center]
Added "Internet connection control" in Data monitor, which allows you to control the permissions of Wi-Fi and data usage for third-party applications

Removed rarely-used and power consuming "Air gesture" from Gestures & motion -> Screen-on gesture
Changed the default settings for Screen-off gestures. All Screen-off gestures are turned off by default, to avoid power consuming when you don't use them. If you need to use these gestures, please go to Settings -> Gestures & motion -> Screen-off gestures to switch them on
Added Cover mode switch in Settings -> Gestures & motion. Which is turned off by default to avoid power consumption. If you need to use this function, please turn the switch on
Adds OTG connection switch in Settings -> More. This function is in turned off by default to avoid power consumption. If users need to use this function, please turn the switch on

Filename: N5206TW_11.A.01_OTA_INT_001_all_150907_wipe.zip
File size: 877MB
MD5: 65096fee1982cdc3a0e4789ed746c9c3
Download: [CLICK HERE]
This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (you can use the Backup & restore app) before updating. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.

How to Update
If you are using stock ColorOS recovery you can use:
1. System Update (Recommended Because it's the Easiest):
1. Download and copy the package to the root directory (meaning don't put it into any folders) of your phone storage
2. Make a backup with the stock Backup & Restore app
3. Open System Update -> Local Update -> Tap the update package -> Wipe data and update
4. Wait until the update is finished then tap Reboot
5. Power on and use the Backup & Restore app to restore your data.

If you cannot use system update you can use the following methold:
2. Recovery Update (Works for All Supported Recovery):
Please find the instructions [CLICK HERE].

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