Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device
Started By: CooleRRSA Started On: 15-7-2013 18:51:36
Good day.
A want to ask two questions.

When I connect my Oppo Find 5 to PC in only charging mode, appears two disk letters E: and G:
First is CD Drive named "Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device", and second is Removable Device with the same name "Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device" in device properties. Both disk drives are empty. Also appears standard Android Composite ADB interface. When I switched to Storage Device mode, in letter G: appears all files from internal phone memory, but E: stay empty. I want to ask. First. Is it normal, or I have some bugs or wrong settings in internal USB controller in phone? And second. If it normal, how can I disable this empty CD Drive?
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