How to post a problem/question/answer/solution in a ColorOS release thread.
Hello Forum Members,

i did currently clean up the 2.1.0i Beta thread and it take 30 mins for 10 pages.

Because i have no time and you also, we need to make some rules for the next release and i will try to delete every post which does not fit the rules. If you post several times against the rules i will give out warnings for a better climate inside the thread and between forum users.


  1. read before you post (ask): Read the first 3 posts, carefully! After that, read the first 2 pages and the last 2 pages of the thread, if there is your problem/question/answer/solution DON'T POST! Give the user a like instead!
  2. like before you post: don't write thank you, like! was the post helpful or you have the same question/problem like! For the first 3 posts, the first one if you are happy about the release (before installing/testing), like the 2nd post or vote if this release fit your needs and you like it.
  3. create bug report and talk there and not in the thread short answers/talks are allowed, but i mean the long discuss
  4. no useless posts no upvote via quote own or message from some other, no questions like do you have the problem too? Keep it less posts and much information!
  5. be specific and clear please if possible write more as "$function does not work" but also no novel. If you are not a X9006/X9076 aka international device owner, please add your model to your post.
  6. no Insufficient storage/howto root/other releases/other devices/off topic this all is still answered or off topic so it should be in a seperate thread! This posts will be removed and there will be warnings if happend again.
  7. screenshosts & logs please add also screenshots and if possible in english of your problem and also a log
  8. be friendly i know everyone is, but try to be friendly also if its annoying sometimes - yeah its a rule for me, i need to try that too :D
  9. quote and answer, the right way: use @Nick if the message you wanna answer is on the same page or max. 1 page backwards, after that quote only the part you wanna answer (also needed if you answer more then 3 users/messages), never FULLQUOTE!
  10. merge/edit your own message if possible don't double/tripple post merge and edit your first, you could also multi quote several posts so do it!

So that are the rules, 10 because i need to clean 10 pages of your messages - i think is a fair deal or?

This rules would be used currently only for the next release, if this works out well we can continue this, its just a test.

You can now discuss about this please and give suggestions also for rule 9 and 10. Thanks!

After some days, this post would be moved to the forums category, i think.
  • Lucky
    Super Moderator
    Lucky #2, May 21, 2015
    @OPPO @Osama @Ricky
    I know, i'm not really allowed to post there. So i need to post elsewhere and move it in this category. So it was a hack, but else the users would never read it and i want mind hack the users too so that the forum/thread would be a nicer place.

    Would be moved later, for sue :D Thanks.
  • El Porcharo
    ColorOS Advisor
    El Porcharo #3, May 21, 2015
    Good point, I would also suggest to LINK to this thread in RED BOLD 5-SIZED in the OP of every future release just above the download link, but I also have a couple of more things to say and will edit my post in a few minutes as I'm going to open the the thread on my PC and read your entire posts because I've just read a few rows of OP for now.  BRB ;)  EDIT: here I am, as promised!

    this sometimes is a double-edged sword: it might happens that while you edit, the edit-quoted/mentioned user/problem has already been read/posted before you finish editing.Something that would be nice from users, is definitely to edit the previous post and delete the last one if they see that after posting there are two different consecutive post of their own, just like I do. (That's easy from PC browser but Tapatalk "delete" function doesn't seem to work) But looking at the average user on this forum.... I admit that I must be dreaming...    - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  • Natherul
    ColorOS Advisor
    Natherul #4, May 21, 2015
    Overall good idea, but I disagree with 9 a bit since this forum does not parse @user. Without that feature of the forum the user who got replied to wont get any notification that he did get a reply and in bigger threads @nick wont really stand out that much sadly from the rest of the post...

    I hope I make some kind of sense, and ofc I dont have any more say then any other user (no mod or anything) but at least its some thoughts :P
  • puma99dk|
    Active Member
    puma99dk| #5, May 21, 2015
    Need MVNO in APN Settings since Oppo can't put in the right APN's for my danish carrier, for MMS and 4G/LTE... (Even i got 4G/LTE to work it would be nice to have the ability to be able to change them if needed)

  • El Porcharo
    ColorOS Advisor
    El Porcharo #6, May 21, 2015
    this forum does not parse @user.
    I told them about this in the forum survey: not only you don't get notified, but sometimes the tagging doesn't work, plus the nickname doesn't appear linked on Tapatalk ;)  - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  • akii_seewoo
    ColorOS Advisor
    akii_seewoo #7, May 21, 2015
    If people didn't read previous posts before they post/ask, they won't read this lol.
    Personally, i agree people should understand that there is a dicipline in posting in forums, but going so far as to set up highly specific rules is a tat too much, don't you think?

    Now i'm not hating of course, but you need to put yourself in those people's place. Not all of them understand forums or technology as you do. They have a question, they manage to post it in the proper thread, that's a win to me.
    Of course, it would be much better if people read before posting, but then again, not everyone has that much time to go and read dozens of pages (sometimes hundreds). Even if they have the time, English may not be their mother tongue, and it's difficult for them to keep up with the technical words. These people most probably use a translate tool to get it in english and post it on the forum so that when someone replies to them, they know exactly that this solution is meant for them.
    Concerning rule 6, especially the insufficient storage issue, some people might be new to the forum, and/or may not understand what that is. The answers frequently given to these questions are 'lvm' or 'change to unified' and these people get frowned upon by other users for posting 'useless posts' , while instead, they should be redirected to the appropriate thread.
    Rule 9 has already been discussed.
    Rule 10: if i already read pages 1 - 12 of a post, i'm not going to start reading all of it again the next day to check if someone editted their post.

    That would be my very humble opinion, all politely and calmly:D
  • Lucky
    Super Moderator
    Lucky #8, May 21, 2015
    @El Porcharo
    sites replaced by pages, i did wrote that in the night and not native speaker so words are strange sometimes. ;)

    I used 2 pages, to keep it simple but yes i recommend 5 pages too, but if they read 2 pages its more than now and that is good... step by step.

    The bug reports/talk: yeah you could post there, what i prevent there is 1/2 complete pages about one issue talks, that need to be outsourced on long term.

    Yeah a device info page would be nice, but the is some place on the side under the avatar and nick.

    Agreed about the logs stuff, but as you we are only a one man show and if we are not ready if the release is - its pages away. I will work something out with Ricky/Osama and OPPO how this could be handle in future.

    @El Porcharo @Natherul @akii_seewoo
    I know the issue with point 9 and 10, but i want write it down and test it out - it wouldn't be that strict there, but full quote and quote unrelated stuff, like "need help" is not good and got removed.

    And yes, i know that users won't read that, thats why i linked it as "new" version that somebody is reading it. And people don't need to do all rules but the first 2 would be helpfull anyway. Also because you said people have no time, i know that but because this is community based in some way, do you think i have time or the other users? Also IF the users flash a BETA, than they should have time and/or the knowledge to fix it! I know that OPPO did advertise Lollipop also over social media, i think this is and was wrong because the firmware is not in such a state for this and it brings only one thing more support for everyone.

    So if people will follow 3 or 5 of the 10 rules, i would be happy and i think you too.
  • Natherul
    ColorOS Advisor
    Natherul #9, May 21, 2015
    El Porcharo
    not mentioning that the bug report system they've applied here in OppoForums is quite confusing (from my point of view) as it would be definitely better to add further subforums, one for each ColorOS versions (at this point my buglists would not be needed anymore), I would say that the thread is the better place where to report issues. As long as they also attach LOGs + screenshot and video when possible. This will let other people aknowledge of the problems that comes with the ROMs and confirm it or not, which is definitely the main function of this kind of threads ;)-
      I just saw your edit @El Porcharo and I had to add that I agree with this part, I still do not really know when reporting bugs if I should post them into COS bug reports or in the subforum for Find 7 (since the ROM i am using is for Find 7). The bug section should be cleared up with better descriptions where to post bugs, also to add to the confusion posts in COS bug reports are moderated before they are publicly visible but not in the subforums...
  • oppotouchpad
    Well-Known Member
    oppotouchpad #10, May 21, 2015
    I've allways found the bug section very messy ,
    So many post about the same problem but no logs or screen shots.
    When a completed and proper post is made in half a day it's gone so far down the list never to be seen again.
    Definitely needs a sub forums with the bug reporting forum regarding each Rom and phone to remove any confusion.
    just a thought
  • Lucky
    Super Moderator
    Lucky #11, May 21, 2015
    Requested requested, but not wanted currently :(

    We Mods want the download and the bug sections under the devices and complete remove the ColorOS section or sort this under OPPO Devices which should be renamed then in OPPO Products.

    I also talked with OPPO about the BUGs section and that we need some users which only connect internal bug hunting and this and keep it clean. How it currently works is meh, but its also meh with 100 times the same question/solution posted.

    This will take more then the next release to fix that, but i hope we can do it.
  • Osama
    Community Manager
    Osama #12, May 22, 2015
    Hello guys,

    First of all, I'd like to thank you all for dedicating the time to improve OPPO Forums.
    I've went through your comments and we agree on most of them. Once we finalize our thoughts, we'll get back to you.

    Thanks Lucky, El Porcharo, Natherul, akii_seewo and oppotouchpad!

    I'd like to join the discussion and suggest that it'd be more organized to have a post following the original post where "Known bugs" are. El Porcharo have made this several time, and i believe collecting them in the same thread would be more organized. We can encourage users to read as much as possible, but it'd be too much to read x pages before posting.

    What do you guys think of this suggestion?
  • Natherul
    ColorOS Advisor
    Natherul #13, May 22, 2015
    What do you guys think of this suggestion?
    Sounds good, but I would also like to see (as stated before) a cleanup on how the bug section works, and also more moderators who can move posts to the right section.  A known list of bugs as @El Porcharo has made before is amazing but in my humble opinion this should be stickied and made by a moderator / OPPO employee.
  • Osama
    Community Manager
    Osama #14, May 22, 2015
    Sounds good, but I would also like to see (as stated before) a cleanup on how the bug section works, and also more moderators who can move posts to the right section.
    We're not satisfied with the current bugs section, we have some plans for it.
  • El Porcharo
    ColorOS Advisor
    El Porcharo #15, May 22, 2015

    Yes, is a lot, but it's fair enough when you (yourself) decide to use a Beta version of a software, to follow the entire discussion if you even thing to participate, just like me and many other forum members do.The most annoying thing is people posting to say "too buggy, going back to ROM XYZ"! Who cares??? If you have nothing to give to the discussion just don't say anything! Probably this is something that MODs should just delete without explanaitions but of course they can't stay 24/7 looking at the forum, hence we should tell all the more active/helpful users not to reply to these kind of posts but report it instead. I think that if this actions are taken as a principle, it will take time, but users will understand and probably stop spamming. Of course I'm talking about Betas threads only! This should also be stated in BIG BOLD RED on every OP as a thread rule.Something like:
    1. This is a BETA version and it might have issues: before posting please read the thread thorougly and search a few keywords if you have a problem;
    2. Before posting: look at the BUG List linked on second post to see if your problem is already reported and if it can be eventually worked around
    3. Do not multiple post (or quote yourself) the same problem: if you don't get answered is because nobody is able to help you or no one can confirm your issue.
    4. Don't post just to say "this is too buggy, I'm going back to ROM XYZ". If you don't have anything to say that would help developement, don't say anything.
    5. Don't post generic sentences like "feature X doesn't work, please fix ASAP" : write down a detailed explanation of your problem and ALWAYS provide a LOG by following these steps: (as it's not difficult at all)
      1. Step 1
      2. Step 2
      3. etc etc
    6. Something else I might have forgot etc etc (suggestions are welcome)
    All post that doesn't fulfill these rules will be deleted with no advice and anyone that would keep posting again will be given warning points.
    This should be put at the very beginning of the OP or just below the "Download:" title, before the download link (which is maybe even better)
  • akii_seewoo
    ColorOS Advisor
    akii_seewoo #16, May 22, 2015
    What do you guys think of this suggestion?
    I'm not sure if what i'm about to say is already what you meant. The idea you suggested sounds great. Only, i think it should only be operated by moderators and/or oppo officials. I mean, for instance, only you, Osama, can post and edit it. Modus? Well, you collect all the problems and solutions from the OP, verify it, then put it in the new thread. So if anyone comes with a problem, they will want to go there and find their solution without having to read a few hundred pages. It might also be easier for people whose English are not good, since the bugs and solutions will be written in a direct, precise manner. I also believe the post should be in the colorOS download section under the OP and should stay there at all time, so it is easily accessible and, since it is new, easily discovered. Like always, that would be my very humble opinion:)
  • akii_seewoo
    ColorOS Advisor
    akii_seewoo #17, May 22, 2015
    @El Porcharo
    I think you guys are trying to put on too many rules. Now don't get me wrong, i personally agree with many of your (and OPs) points. But forcing rules on people won't change anything (most users, especially new ones, will simply ignore them, or might get too confused if English problem).
    What we should keep in mind is that, in the end, this is a forum, and the users will want to post their thoughts. A guy posting 'too buggy, turning back to xxx' is actually a critic and should not be considered a useless post.

    Keep in mind also that we are talking international here. People might not appreciate the moderators removing their posts, or being replied in a non-diplomatic way. And since they will associate this experience as OPPO, it will not be a proper image for said company.

    Concerning the notice to put in big bold letters, i completely agree with you. However, beta updates are like bacon (YES bacon). You know somewhere to a certain extent it is bad for you, but you still eat it. Then when you fall ill, u'll wind up to the doctors asking them how to fix it.

    My opinion (very humble btw) is to attack the problem by its roots.
    1. One of my suggestions i already posted above.
    2. Mention in big bold colored characters something like:
    Note:this is a BETA version. A BETA version is one which is not stable, that is, it might not be suitable for everyday use. It might contain many bugs. This version is released for people who are willing to try it and report back for any bugs. If you need to use your device daily without any bugs, please wait until all the bugs are fixed and a stable version released.
    This will allow people with low english and technology lingual capability to properly understand what they are getting themselves into.

    3.people talking in the name of OPPO (moderators, people trying to help etc), should use a much more diplomatic approach to reply to a user, or other.
  • akii_seewoo
    ColorOS Advisor
    akii_seewoo #18, May 22, 2015
    I know i mostly gave general thoughts. But i hope this helps you guys to get the direction to fixing the issues.
  • El Porcharo
    ColorOS Advisor
    El Porcharo #19, May 22, 2015

    Totally agree with you, we are roughly saying the same thing Anyway keep ij mind that all of this "too many rules thing must be applied to BETA releases only! And the "too buggy going back to ROM XYZ" comment can be accepted for non-BETA ROMs because the purpose of a BETA ROM thread is to collect bugs and LOGs and so on I also had one more thing to add to the big red bold QUOTE but I can't remember it now...   Will post back if it will come back to my mind...   - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  • akii_seewoo
    ColorOS Advisor
    akii_seewoo #20, May 22, 2015
    @El Porcharo
    Hey dude!
    I think my explanation wasn't clear enough.
    What i meant was, Osama creates a thread just below 'ColorOS 2.1 download' named 'ColorOS2.1 bugs and fixes'. He keeps it locked (or closed. Meaning nobody can post in it). Then Osama goes through the posts in thread 'ColorOS 2.1 download', posts the bugs and fixes(if available) found by users in the 'ColorOS 2.1 bugs amd fixes' thread. Then lock it again.
    Doing so,
    The thread turns into a FAQ + offline customer support.

    No need to post all information in only one post. Each bug and fix owns its own post. But only Osama can post them.

    Of course, i used Osama as an instance. Ot could be someone else.

    I don't know if i got my message sent clearly. Let me know if more clarification is required. :)
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