How to root your Oppo Find 7a [w/ Oppo Recovery]
Started By: Kedros Started On: 10-4-2014 13:53:10
I got a OPPO Find 7a, I need to root my devices!

Worries about the following things:
1. I don't know what is adb
2. I don't know what is fastboot
3. I don't have computer knowledge
4. What is TWRP
5. What is Recovery mode

Now this is the file you need, follow the steps and you can root your device. with the (Official Oppo Recovery)
1. Download this zip file
Moderator edit: Link to Oppo root is removed because the zip contains a paid app, which is piracy. You can support the creator of the app and buy it at Play Store

2. Put that in your phone, root directory
3. Power off you phone
4. Power on with the key combination (power + Vol-)
5.Choose English
6. Install zip file
7. choose the zip file you download in step 1.
8. Done , your device rooted.

Frequently asked question
Q: Will "ROOT" void the warranty?
A: Hell No! Only Damage on Hardware void the warranty.

credit to BBS.MYOPPO.COM

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