Recruiting Advisors for F1 Project Spectrum
Started By: Ricky Started On: May 31, 2016
Dear O-Fans,

The F1 Project Spectrum Based on Android M is almost ready, now we would like to recruite some Advisors to help us test it before the public release.

Please read the following info before you apply for it.


  1. Participate in the private beta testing of ColorOS
  2. Give timly feedback for the version you're testing
  3. Help us grab log, screenshots to get problem fixed


  1. You have a F1
  2. You are willing to flash the Project Spectrum private beta versions
  3. You are able to give timely feedback on private beta versions and help grab logs if needed

How to Apply:

Please comment under this thread to apply for it, make sure your reply contain the following information:
Forum ID:
Your device:
Your country:
Are you familar with flashing firmware and are you able to give timely feedback?
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