Teaser #7: New Community app design
Started By: Marton_Barcza Started On: Apr 12, 2016
After a long wait, the new concept art for our community app has arrived, and we are ready to share our designs with you while we are working on implementing them to the app. We thrived to update the design, keeping in mind the trends seen in Stock Android as well as our own ColorOS, so it's more consistent with both. This means focusing on light pastel colours, flat designs, and a clearer separation of design elements. The resulting app will look lighter, and more modern!

Take a look at a few comparisons below between our new and old app designs (new on the left, old on the right. Text and elements are just for illustration and will be updated with real content later):

We have unified the colors and eliminated inconsistent shades of green. The app shouldn now also dynamically adjust the color of your notification bar above.

Same for the "Sections" part, and this too now looks cleaner.

Sections will also be arranged into logical categories just like they are on the PC website, instead of being a simple unorganized list like they are now.

The User Center has also been updated to fit the design of the rest of the app.

Let us know what you think about these changes, and we'll try to bring the updated design to our app as soon as we can. Until then, have fun!

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