The R9 Plus is Here!
Started By: Tehu Started On: Jul 11, 2016
Edited by T Sun at 11-7-2016 06:47 PM

It’s official, the latest device from the R-series, the OPPOR9 Plus, has been launched!

The R9 Plus boasts many similar specs to that of the R9 with an array of upgraded features including:
- 6.0-inch screen
- 16MP front camera AND 16MP rear camera
- 4120mAh battery

As well as:
- 64GB ROM (expandable up to 128GB)
- VOOC Flash Charge, and
- 0.2 Second Touch Access

The OPPO R9 Plus is sure to please, especially with the extra space for all your screening needs; from viewing videos to playing games and simply surfing the net. See more, store more, do more!

You can view all the features and specs of the R9 Plus and the rest of the OPPO range on the OPPO website OR you can visit JB Hi-Fi online or in-store.

  • Archetipo
    The New Guy
    Archetipo #2, Sep 12, 2016
  • U106871872
    The New Guy
    U106871872 #3, Sep 18, 2016
    Just wondering when an Android or project spectrum  update will be available for this model.  I have found that notifications for apps such as facebook messenger and snapchat do not come through unless I go into the app.  Also the led light no longer blinks for any notifications.  Really hoping an update will fix these issues.
  • Nisha1612
    The New Guy
    Nisha1612 #4, Nov 19, 2016
    How to turn off notifications bolume for gmail or any messages?
  • debusmax
    The New Guy
    debusmax #5, Jan 5, 2017
    Edited by debusmax at 24-1-2017 03:03 PM

    Love the phone, Hate hate hate how it doesn't play nice with the Telstra network (Australia)!   Constant drop outs down to H+ or nothing in areas everyone else has 4G.
    "edit:   Bluetooth constantly unpairs devices.  Troubleshooting supplied by OPPO is to factory reset the phone every time!  Once that happens, some things will not re-pair to the phone at all.  Then to top it all off, requested to send the phone to the repair shop to try to replicate the issue - so - does that mean you're going to get your repair shop staff to purchase an item to pair it to the phone, download the relevant app, sign up for the game and then wander around playing it to try to replicate the issues with bluetooth?? - ridiculous and not worth the time!   just don't buy one in Australia."
  • GPranjit Das
    The New Guy
    GPranjit Das #6, Apr 22, 2017
    i like this phone...but  have not enough  money
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