F1 Project Spectrum V1.0i Beta - Based on Android M
Started By: Tehu Started On: Jul 5, 2016
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Hello O-Fans!

We are excited to announce that Project Spectrum for the F1 is now available! We hope you will enjoy it.

What are the Supported ColorOS Features?
1. Screen-off Gestures:

  1. Project Spectrum now supports double tap to wake up/turn off the screen, draw a circle to open the camera app and custom a gesture to open an application.
  2. This feature is turned off by default, to use it please enable it in Settings -> Accessibility -> Screen-off gestures.
  3. After you've added a custom gesture to delete or modify it please swipe the item left.

2. ColorOS Camera
The Camera app ported from ColorOS is supporting the following plugins: Beautify, Filters, Panorama, HDR, GIF, Double exposure and Expert Mode.

3. ColorOS Photos
The Photos app is a simplified version from ColorOS with key features needed to work properly with the Camera App.

4. Beautiful Wallpapers
We've carefully selected a range of beautiful wallpapers from ColorOS as preset wallpapers for you.

5. OTA package support

For future Project Spectrum versions the OTA package will be available along with the full wipe package.

Some Operations That Differ From ColorOS:
1. Open Task Manager
To enable task manager please double tap the home button.

2. Take a Screenshot
To take a screenshot please hold Power + Volume Down for 2 seconds.

3. Enable Software Keys
To enable software keys please go to Settings -> Display -> Use Software Keys turn the switch on.

Special Attention:
1. To flash back to ColorOS remember DO NOT use 3rd party recovery otherwise you may end up bricking your phone.
2. To flash back to ColorOS please download the latest version [
CLICK HERE] to avoid possible failures.
3. After the update is completed the first time boot up takes around 5 - 15minutes.

Full Wipe Package
Filename: F1fSpectrum_V1.0_Beta_full_002.zip
File size: 990MB
MD5: 639915B30D0E8B329B1DE7DE1E244AD
Download: [
Note: This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (use the Backup & restore app) before updating in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.

How to Update:
Please find the instructions [
The Next Step:
Bug Reports:
To report bugs please [
Please follow the instructions and provide as much useful info (screenshots,logs etc.) as possible.

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