Find 7/7a Project Spectrum V1.3i Beta
Started By: Tehu Started On: Jul 1, 2016
Hello all you Find 7 Users,

The long wait for update is finally over, here is a new version of ProjectSpectrum for Find 7 which fixed most of the annoying bugs of the previousversion, hope you enjoy it.

Change Log
Optimised the screen-off gestures, now you cancustomise a gesture to open an application and the lockscreen interface nowsupports animation of your gestures
Fixed the issue that when using some carriersyou may not be able to use data connection by updating the APN settings
Fixed the issue that mobile signal does notshow the H+ icon
Fixed the issue that when OTG storage isremoved the notification cannot be closed
Fixed the issue that Skyline notification isalways on instead of blinking after receiving a notification

Updated the default launcher, fixed the issuethat icons may not be organised alphabetically.

Optimised the camera, improved the imagequality and fixed the issue that sometimes it's unable to focus normally.
Fixed the issue that after enabled zoom youwon't be able to take pictures
Fixed the issue that playing videos recordedby the camera is very laggy
Fixed the issue that when using Beautify modethe viewfinder interface is upside down

Optimised the photos app, fixed some layoutissues

Filename: X9006&
File size: 679MB
MD5: E6864ED7905F58FFD7833A7554988739
Download: [
Note: This package will wipe your data, so pleasemake a backup before you apply the update.

How to Update:
Please read the instructions [

The Next Step:
Bug Reports:
To report bugs please [
Please follow the instructions and provide as muchuseful info (screenshots, logs etc.) as possible.
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  • tylor8
    The New Guy
    tylor8 #2, Mar 15, 2017
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