R7s Project Spectrum V1.0 Beta - Based on Android M
Started By: Tehu Started On: May 13, 2016
Edited by Kate Sun  at 13-5-2016 11:30 AM

Project Spectrum is an official alternative to OPPO’s ColorOS, offering a near-stock Android experience while preserving some of the best-loved features of ColorOS.


1. Screen-off Gestures:
Project Spectrum now supports double tap to wake up/turn off the screen and draw a circle to open the camera app and custom gestures to open applications. This feature is turned off by default, to use it please enable it in Settings-> Accessibility -> Screen-off gestures.

2. ColorOS Camera
Currently the ColorOS camera is supporting the following plugins: Beautify, Filters, Panorama, HDR, GIF, Double exposure and Expert Mode.

3. ColorOS Photos App
The ColorOS Photos app is a simplified version from ColorOS with key features needed to work properly with the Camera App.

4. Carefully Selected Wallpapers
We've carefully selected some beautiful wallpapers from ColorOS as preset wallpapers for you.

5. VOOC Flash Charge
This version supports VOOC flash charge but no icon will be displayed in the status bar.

6. OTA package support
For future Project Spectrum versions the OTA package will be available along with the full wipe package.

What's new with Android M?

1. Doze Mode
The Android M doze mode helps improve battery performance during standby which ensures better battery life.

2. Now On Tap
Android M allows you to search whenever you want, in any interface tap and hold the software home button (needs to be enabled in display settings) to search for related info.

3. New Launcher
The new Android M launcher enables you to find apps with a scroll bar, which highlights the app starting with a specific letter.

What's Different?

1. Task Manager
To enable task manager please double tap the home button.

2. Take a Screenshot
To take a screenshot please hold Power + Volume Down for 2 seconds.

FAQ& Suggestions:

1. Can I use Backup and Restore?
Install this version will wipe your data so a backup using the Backup and Restore app is recommended
in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Backup and restore cannot work between ColorOS and Project Spectrum if you need please make a backup using other universal bakup app such as Titanium Backup.

2. Can I use 3rd party recovery to install this version?
No, please use the stock ColorOS recovery to update, and please make sure you've wiped data and cache before updating.

Known Issue:
After update completed the first time boot up takes around 5 - 15 minutes please be patient

Full Wipe Package:

Filename: R7sfSpectrum_V1.0_Beta_full_005.zip
File size: 954MB
MD5: 07F1A8A157FEE018E83BB61D37B44FDB
Download: [
Note: This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (use the Backup & restore app) before updating in case you want to go back to ColorOS. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.

How to Update:
Please find the instructions [

For users who prefer a superb, hle-free experience straight out of the box, ColorOS will continue to be supported as the default system for all OPPO phones.

Stay tuned for the release of Project Spectrum for the R7 Plus.

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